A Day in La Sierra de Parapanda
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With Huerta Pequeña situated directly opposite La Sierra de Parapanda mountain it´s impossible not to be mesmerised by it. Like us, many of our guests have been amazed by the mountain´s different colours throughout the day as the sun rises and crosses the skyline before setting. Witnessing the `super moon´ rising up behind the mountain had so many breathtaking moments it was almost unreal.

At an elevation of 1600 metres, La Sierra de Parapanda, fills the landscape providing a vista that no one can ever tire of. From the moon and the sun to the soaring eagles and the change in fauna – it truly is something to see! We often refer to it as our `Uluru´ or `Table Mountain´.

`Our´ mountain is something we see every day and drive around when heading out towards Granada. It´s part of everyday life but it wasn´t until recently that we took a drive, parked the car and enjoyed an hour or so amble to reach the top – where we got to see `our landscape´ from the other side.

When standing at the top and directly opposite Huerta Pequeña (well we think we were with the help of GPS) we couldn´t believe it had taken us so long to make this trip.

With so much on our doorstep to explore and discover it´s not surprising. Now that we´ve been to the `otherside´, we´ll certainly be going back.

Whether you´re walking, cycling or driving, the views around every corner are spectacular.

Of course, walking allows you to take in the views at your own pace. But, if your car can navigate the higher tracks there´s an ideal flat area to park up and enjoy a picnic… and we did!

As well as a new view with every step you take, there are areas of the mountain terrain that wouldn´t be out of place on a moon landing or the set of a Mad Max film.

As you get closer to the top, there´s a disused quarry with many blocks of marble to see as if it´s just been cut and is still waiting to be collected.

Our slow amble to the top meant we could explore every view via the numerous paths and the different fauna as the altitude increased. The passing birds reminding you to look up and the sound of nearby mountain goats certainly adds to the experience. Every step puts each one of your senses in overload.

After a few more corners the summit is in sight, which is lined by several communication masts. A special treat and a welcome reward for getting to the top has to be the Mirador de El Morrón, which has equally stunning views towards the city of Granada and the snowy tops of the Sierra Nevada in the distance.

Throughout the day we saw families of different ages, fellow walkers and cyclists all enjoying a trip up the La Sierra de Parapanda.

A picnic is certainly recommended so you can take time to explore, discover and then relax whilst enjoy the spectacular views.