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Have you ever just opened a map, closed your eyes and hovered your finger over and then stuck it on the map? Well that’s exactly what we did in May 2009. We knew that we wanted to be close to the Sierra Nevada, we knew that we wanted to be inland and not on the coast, but that is all we knew!

We decided to take a road trip, driving from the UK through France and into Spain until we almost arrived in Montefrio, we say “almost” as we had to stop the car and get out and just take in the most amazing view! The view truly took our breath away and it was at that point we decided that we were going to live here one day!

Over the next few years we came back on holiday to Montefrio many times, exploring the surrounding area and viewing numerous properties until we found the right one…this one! We finally moved here in 2013 and are delighted to open our doors and give other people an opportunity to discover this part of Andalucia.

Montefrio is a special place and we feel very lucky that our finger landed where it did! We feel privileged to be a part of this wonderful community in this little corner of the world that we now call home.

We look forward to welcoming you to Huerta Pequeña for your next break away!

Malcolm & James