Exploring Rural Andalucia

Senderismo – Exploring Montefrío and beyond on foot!

There is so much to explore and discover in Andalucia and there’s certainly no better way to do this than by joining an organised walking tour. We recently joined Senderismo Montefrío so that we can experience even more of this beautiful region of Spain, where the hidden gems are never too far away.

Villanueva Del Trabuco and Rio Guadalhorce
Less than an hour away, on the borders of the provinces of Granada and Málaga, this 14k walk takes in the source of the Guadalhorce river at the foot of the mountains where the two streams from San Jorge and Gibalto Mountain ranges join.

In ancient times, this river was known as the Malacae Fluvius and at 166 kilometres long, it’s the longest river in the province.

Known locally as the Ruta De Los 100 Caños – the route to the 100 pipes – this walk takes you along the foot of the mountains to where the fresh water from inside the mountains flows into the river below. This is a favourite spot with locals and tourists, especially to celebrate the San Marcos festivities in a spectacular setting with great picnic facilities.

With its natural water source, the forest and river bank is full of weeping willows, poplars, ash, mulberry and elm trees as well as wild roses, reeds, ferns, oleanders, ivy, daisies, buttercups and wild periwinkle.

Wildlife varies from season to season, with walkers reporting sightings of frogs, toads, nightingales, goldfinches, robins, blackbirds, jackdaws, swallows, Mediterranean pond turtles and the very scarce marbled newts. Whilst we were treated to the chorus of many birds, our biggest wildlife encounter was hundreds of mountain goats navigating the mountain side in search for fresh grazing.

The walk had been described as ‘easy’ and taking the route we did, there is a bit of a steep incline at the start, but the majority of the walk is manageable for walkers of all ages and abilities. For us, the weather conditions were ideal but, on warmer days, the walk along the riverbank has several points of interest where you can rest under the shade of a weeping willow.

There are over 30 routes this year that we can take part in with Senderismo Montefrío. We certainly look forward to exploring many of them and sharing route information with our guests.

If you’re looking for a holiday where you can explore this part of Spain, discover hidden gems and then rest those feet relaxing by the pool – a holiday at Huerta Pequeña is your ideal break away!